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Official Addons Maintained by us

  • Adds support for holograms for < 1.8 versions
  • Adds support for bossbar for < 1.9 versions
  • Automatically moves lapis from player inventory to enchanting table on open, and puts back/drops on close.
  • Allows adding blaze powder to brewing stand by right clicking on it
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Third-Party Addons Written by the community

Please note that these addons are developed by other people, and we cannot provide support for them.


Block players using specific client versions from joining the game. Supports both whitelist and blacklist modes, along with configurable kick messages.

Download From Spigot / ghac

Have you ever asked yourself how many players joined your server since startup? What's the most used version? The average playtime? If yes, then this plugin is for you!

Download From Spigot / MTC

A plugin that does... stuff, I guess. Disable Minecraft versions (even the current server version!), remap blocks/items for older versions, allow pre-1.9 PvP for pre-1.9 clients on your 1.9+ server and much more!

Download From Spigot / MrPowerGamerBR

Since 1.13, chests are remapped to enderchests in order to work around visual and mechanical glitches that can occur in older versions when double-chests are next to each other. This addon reverts this change, instead preventing all players from placing double-chests next to each other - just how it worked in older versions of Minecraft!

Download From Spigot / SkorrloreGaming